About the island and its people

Kefalonia has retained its natural landscape with countless bays and inlets and fine beaches. In spite of the island's turbulent history over the centuries, the people of Kefalonia have retained their own brand of Greekness. Their friendship and hospitality to strangers wins many friends.

They are proud of their roots and despite their tendency to leave the island from time to time - they always return to Kefalonia where their heart belongs.

You will find everything you could want on the island-  beautiful beaches, clear blue seas, rugged mountains, lush green valleys, wild flowers, loggerhead turtles, dolphins, amazing views, and wonderful hospitality.

Captain Corelli's Mandolin

Kefalonia is famous for the novel Captain Corellis Mandolin Captain Corelli's Mandolin , written by English author Louis de Bernieres. The novel is based on events that occurred in the picturesque village of Farsa, just outside of Argostoli. The love story comprising the theme of the book is set before and after the Acqui Division massacre, during the Second World War, and the film adaptation was released in 2001. In 2005 the famous film was made by Ennio Morrico

Kefalonia Weather

The weather in Kefalonia is warm from April through to October with the hottest months being July and August visit the following site for 5 days forecast weather












20 C

24 C 

 28 C

 29 C

 29 C

 27 C

 24 C


16 C

19 C

22 C

24 C

 25 C

 24 C

 23 C